Frequently Asked Question:

1. What does offer? specializes in Customized Premium  and exclusive quality Sarees,Bollywood dresses, salwar kameez,Organic clothing,Kurties Ethnic ghagra cholis, lachhas, bridal lehenga cholis, fancy and traditional lehenga cholis, fancy and traditional sarees, embroidered sarees, handloom and silk sarees, traditional salwar kameez, elegant dupattas / odhnis, embroidered and fancy blouses and textile fabrics like silk, gorgette, crepe among others.

We also offer designer and seasonal fashion for all occasions like wedding, bride-maid clothing ,Spring fashion, Navratras clothing, Diwali and Holi Fashion. Our Experienced Customer care executives provide valuable and Free Fashion Consulting to our customers. makes it possible for you to buy these products from almost anywhere in the world. Through this service, you can order from the wide range of items shown on the site while making the payment online. The products will be delivered at the address given by you, according to your specifications. As we provide FREE Shipping and Customizations Worldwide.


The products are organized into categories and sub-categories . The Categories are listed on left hand side in green color. When you click on a category ,it opens up the subcategories and you click a subcategory to browse for all its products. generally the products are in multiple pages so you can choose the page nos or next link on top Right hand side next to Result pages.

Alternatively you can search a product from top search bar by giving a search keyword like"georgette" or " soft net saree" .

You can also search by Color by using the Color Chart below the categories Menu on the left


2. How can I place an order?

You are requested to follow the following steps to place your order:

Identify an item of your choice from our online product catalog.

Choose Buy Now or Click for More Details

Add it to your shopping cart using "Add to Cart" button

Once you have added all the products you wish to buy, click on "Checkout" button. If you want to remove any item from the cart checkout the box below remove . After adding all items and quantity click the checkout button on bottom right hand side.

You will then be prompted to verify your order and proceed further for giving your credit card details, billing and shipping information.

Note: You have the option to choose Paypal or ccavenue for Credit Card payment. If the card fails on one you may try another option. Also you can pay by Western Union or Cheque.


3. Can I phone or fax my order?

We accept retail orders generated ONLINE in most of the cases. we do offer a facility for order by phone or order by fax. However, we also accept WHOLESALE ORDERS through e-mail at or join us using the Affiliate link while registration.


4. Which credit cards does Shopping accept?

We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover credit cards.


5. Is my credit card number / bank a/c. number secure?

YES. We DO NOT STORE any credit card information and they are processed by Paypal or CCavenue which are very Safe. We have advanced SSL certificate for increased protection of your personal / financial information. All transactions are SSL secured, insuring that the information is encrypted before it is transmitted.



7. How do I feel sure that you have correctly registered the order placed?

After you have placed the order, you will get e-mail confirming each order registered with us. Please check your e-mail and if you want any correction, you are requested to get in touch with us at

Please add the above Email to your Contacts to avoid it from going into SPAM folder.

Additionally, you can check the order information on the web.


8. Are the items dispatched as per the display on the site?

Since our products are fabrics, the product specifications (weight, size, color etc.) mentioned with the product photos are only approximate. Hence, there may be a slight variation in the pictures and the respective products. in its absolute discretion, may deliver a similar / alternate product for reasons or exigencies beyond its control. At the same time we will make all possible efforts to make its services delightful for you.

Note: Accessories shown (if any) are not a part of the product.


9. How much time do you take to deliver after the payment has been made?

We take 7-15 days for worldwide shipping the products from our warehouse, after confirmation of your order. The courier agency (FedEx, DHL, and UPS) will require additional time to deliver the products to you. This would vary from destination to destination.



11. How do I know that my order has been dispatched?

We will send you an email regarding the shipment of your order, as soon as the items are handed over to the courier agency.

Confirmation through e-mail shall be sent to you after your gift has been dispatched. You may also track your order status online by logging into "My Account" at


12. Where all can deliver products? can deliver items to almost all the major countries. You may place orders from anywhere in the world by making online payment in US Dollars, using your Credit Card. For more details kindly contact


13. How do I check the current status of my orders?

You can view the status of your order by clicking on "YOUR ACCOUNT" link on


14. My order is shown to be in ' Pending' state. What does it mean?

The Order in Pending State means that the payment is pending and we are waiting for payment before we can process the payment.

Your order passes through following states before it finally enters the 'Dispatched' state:

a) Processing: This is the default status for your order and it comes as soon as order is placed.

b) Processed: Your order/payment has been approved by our payment gateway. We are ready with the product and the order will be executed as per your specifications.

c) Dispatched: Your order has been successfully dispatched from our end; or

d) Cancelled: Your order could not be approved by our payment gateway or we are not in a position to deliver the goods due to some constraints.


15. How do I contact you regarding my order?

You can send a mail to our order group at and we will be glad to help you. You can also CONTACT US on :

Live chat information:


16. What is wish list?

You can save all the details of the items you're considering and view them side-by-side and add to shopping cart also. If you come across an item which was tagged as 'sold out', you can add it to your wish list and we shall inform you when the product is available on the portal, by e-mail. We welcome all your suggestions.



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